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Hi, I'm Pedro. I'm a software engineer currently living in Curitiba, Brazil with my wife and dog. I'm originally from the beautiful city of Cabo Frio in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

I've been coding professionally since 2012 and specializing in React and Node.js since 2015.

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I'm interested in frontend development and design systems, using React and React Native with TypeScript.

Cabo Frio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2016.
Shot in Cabo Frio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Although I type funny colorful letters for a living, what really excites me about being a software engineer is the profound recognition that internet software revolves around the human experience it delivers.

As an advocate for intuitive, inclusive, and delightful user experiences, I strive to blend technology with empathy and creativity. By crafting software that connects the digital realm with people's lives, I aim to enhance their daily interactions and empower them in meaningful ways.

I approach my work with open, honest, and considerate communication. You can expect my code to be tested and clean. Working with a team, I do my best to respect my peers on all fronts, and that includes writing code that is easy for everyone to read and maintain.

Jack of many trades, master of some. Here's a bit of my coding history:


From class components to functional with hooks, I've been coding React since its beginning and I can quickly find my way through any React or React Native codebase. React is definitely where I'm my most productive today.

JavaScript / TypeScript

React is my specialty, but I'm excited about anything related to the JavaScript/TypeScript world and I follow the ecosystem closely. Currently experimenting with Svelte.


My preferred way to write CSS right now is working with Tailwind and design systems. But my personal CSS journey started around 10 years ago.

I learned CSS by editing WordPress themes and making web pages responsive for different screen sizes. After that, I've written about a dozen projects using BEM-style CSS within SASS stylesheets.

Since then, I've been coding CSS-in-JS using styled-components for years now while also falling in love with utility classes — at first using Tachyons, now with Tailwind.

Node.js / Express.js

Throughout the years, consistently, the fastest way I can have a server running, receiving input, doing something with it, and then sending back a response has been using Express.js and TypeScript.

Ruby on Rails

I skyrocketed my productivity as soon as I discovered Rails back in the day. I built a dozen projects with it. It's been a while since I last used Rails though.

User Interfaces Design

Designing user experiences is what made me fall in love with creating software and giving it life in the first place. Having familiarity with UI design principles and good practices only makes me better as a frontend engineer.

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